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Click here for lodging specialsBuck Rub Pub and Connecticut Lakes Lodge is located Pittsburg, in the heart ofBuck Rub Pizza Pub, Connecticut Lakes Lodge, Pittsburg, New Hampshire the beautiful and scenic Connecticut Lakes Region in the Great North Woods area of northern New Hampshire.

Buck Rub Pub is a family friendly haven that features good food, honest value, and fresh beer on tap and in bottles. From oven-fresh pizza to fresh-fried haddock dinners our Pizza Pub offer a complete dinner and pub menu.

The adjoining Connecticut Lakes Lodge offers 7 fully furnished,clean, comforable rooms.

Buck Rub, a male deer or BUCK rubs its antlers on a tree branch to assist in attracting a mate.What is it like in Pittsburg, NH?
This is what some refer to as "the final frontier" - a place where nature rules and beauty abounds. This is a rural region where deer, moose, fox, and waterfowl flourish. Pittsburg is a naturalist's delight. The area was once an independent nation known as Indian Stream Republic. The residents are comprised of Canadian and American descendents and "down country" newcomers that have relocated to this sportsman's paradise. If you are interested in Pittsburg or Northern NH Real Estate rentals and property for sale contact Sandi - a licensed New Hampshire Real Estate Agent.

What is there to do in Pittsburg, NH?
Pittsburg, NH is a year 'round vacation destination. Winter means snow, and lots of it. The miles of snowmobile trails attract snowmobilers from all over the world. The views are amazing and the snowmobile trail system is fantastic. Yes, Pittsburg is snowmobile friendly and dozens of snowmobile clubs meet in Pittsburg annually.

Spring brings snowmelt - which is followed by fishermen and birders and wildlife viewers. The fly fishing is world-class. Pittsburg is home to miles of native trout streams and rivers. The lakes, bogs, and ponds offer even more fishing options. The landlocked salmon are active and hungry in early spring. Salmon are taken on streamer flies and spinning lures. Large, lunker lake trout inhabit our deeper lakes. The rainbow and brook trout may be found both in rivers and lakes. Yes, fishing is a major spring attraction.

Summer is short and sweet - warm days and 80 degree temperatures are common. A wonderful time for hiking, sight-seeing or just relaxing. Pittsburg is New Hampshire's largest township in acreage and much of this land is accessible through logging roads and hiking trails.

Fall is a busy time for the final fishing of the season and the beginning of hunting season. Bear, moose, deer, duck and turkey hunting brings sportsmen from across North America. The first snow is often before the end of October. Pittsburg is blessed with an abundance of wildlife and a good selection of professional guides that can assist you in your quest.

What is a Buck Rub?

During deer mating season a buck (male deer) will "rub" his antlers on the bark of tree trunks. This leaves scrapes of antler velvet with his scent on the tree. The buck does this to mark his territory during mating season or "rut" with the hope that a healthy doe will find him interesting.

Worry not, though, as that does not occur at the Buck Rub Pizza Pub. It is perfectly safe to visit any time of the year without the fear of attracting a vibrant buck's attention. The name was chosen to represent the vital part that the wildlife plays in our community. Whether you are an enthusiastic observer of the local fauna and flora or an avid hunter, we are sure that you will enjoy your respite at our establishment.

Buck Rub Pub & Connecticut Lakes Lodge
US Route 3 | Pittsburg, NH 03592 | Ph: 603-538-6935

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